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Every man has a price, even for what he hopes never to sell.

Is it really that much of a difference in feeling when guys don't wear condoms? It must suck for someone who learnt to fuck with condoms then went in raw one night & had to go back



Hell yea, it’s a MAJOR difference between being strapped up and going raw. Hittin’ good pussy raw is a life changing experience. I’m assuming you’re a girl or a guy that hasn’t done it yet but every guy that has gone raw knows the feeling when you first slide the tip in and go all the way. All throughout that time you feeling how warm, how wet and snug that pussy is. There ain’t no thin-rubber barrier so you feel all that heavenly goodness. Don’t get me started on how the girl’s pussy is so wet that it sounds like you stirring up mac & cheese when you be going in & out. 


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it takes all of my energy to read a post thats more than 2 sentences

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Being in a relationship with me means i get to touch your butt whenever I want

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