The Lazy Lord

Every man has a price, even for what he hopes never to sell.






It’s 2089. all cops have been replaced by genetically modified dogs that let children pet them, help old ladies cross the street, chase down criminals, never eat donuts, bark at cat-callers, analyze dna, easily track down murders, pee on white collar criminals, and tear the faces off of rapists. utopia has been reached. 

How was this accomplished you ask?
Well its simple
Dogs are colorblind


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“Do not fuck this one up”

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“I don’t fear commitment. I fear wasting my time.”

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I just want you to kiss me hard and fuck me harder.

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“A year ago I would’ve never guessed life would be the way it is now.”

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A girl’s moan is great don’t get me wrong. But what’s even better is that moment where she can’t manage a moan, or even a scream, so it comes out as a screech or a high pitched breath. That moment when she can’t even express the amount of pleasure she feels.

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